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Diverse Learning Environments

Organic Classroom

Organic learning is child led and intrinsic. Organic learning allows the child's curiosity to lead to learning.


We developed the open-learning concept which does not have centers, instead it has integrated areas of learning which connect subjects, such as science and art. 


Materials in each area are kept simple, sustainable, and natural.


Outdoor Discovery

In order for children to seek out their curiosity, they need more than indoor space, they need to explore outdoors.  Bugs, dirt, plants, fresh air and rain provide a diverse learning environment. These diverse environments help children develop a sense of self,  independence, problem solving, and decision making.

And it's fun!

Place-Based Learning

It takes a community to build a child.

Boulder Kids was founded in a yoga studio in the Borough of West Chester. Taking what we know about education, and integrating the former communities' practices, we created an environment where children improve focus, memory, self-esteem, academic performance, classroom behavior, and even reduce anxiety and stress, all through yoga and mindfulness.


Developing a sense of place through geographic experiences helps build the social and emotional foundation children need to naturally grow and discover.

Through instructional connections, community integration, community participation, and citizen
action, we guide students to foster a love for learning and belonging within the community.

Imagine being able to walk to the local fire station and post office, and have a local chef teach us a cooking lesson.

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