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Green Painted Wreath

About Us

We are the school that loves to make a mess.

We are the school that knows that having the right answer isn't as important as how you got it.

We are the school that believes that the true strength of a classroom lies in a collaboration of learners, not one expert.


Our Philosophy

The Science of Learning explains how the brain functions and how we use it to organize, recall, and acquire new information. One of the biggest factors in the ability to learn, retain, and use information is emotion. The novelty and excitement of a new discovery activates a young brain to produce a chemical which is released, and prompts the brain to want to learn more about this new discovery .


  How excited would you be if you were invited on a bear hunt through the community? What do you need to know about bears? What would you do if you found him?  

Sparking imagination and making connections is the focus of our curriculum. Through S.T.E.M., we encourage young minds to explore and create, because early childhood is when the brain is at a critical point of development.

L.E.A.F. is the fuel which drives S.T.E.M..

Creating excitement through literature and art exposes children to culture, and impacts their language development.

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