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WHY Boulder Kids?


Boulder Kids was founded on the belief that children have natural intrinsic motivators. They are motivated by a challenge or the enjoyment of finding out.  They want to understand the "why."  These "whys" are the building blocks of successful, committed, persistent, and creative lifetime learners. 


 Our self-developed curriculum is based on "why" and is individualized to each child.

Curiosity that is built in our integrated learning areas allows for learning transfer.

Our Urban setting provides exploration.

 Our indoor and outdoor classrooms reflects organic learning and S.T.E.M. based practices. 


Gradient Ocean


Our curriculum was developed to provide an individualized learning experience for each child.

We believe that children learn best when they are able to collaborate with each other.

It is for this reason children from each age group are free to interact and learn with, and from, each other.

3 year olds

4 year olds

5 year olds


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